About me

beth searle stop motion video creator for small business owners Bring your brand to life!

Video content is everywhere, and is growing in importance every day.

You know that the right video will help your brand to stand out online.  but it’s hard to find time to create extra content when you’re already running your own business.

I can help.

  • You want to inject your brand’s unique personality into your video content
  • You want videos that you can repurpose across social media channels, your blog and your website
  • You want your ads to jump out and capture your audience’s attention

I create unique videos that will help you to get noticed, and can help you to generate leads and sales.

Two years ago, I created my first stop-motion video and immediately fell in love.  There is nothing magical or difficult about stop-motion – it just takes ideas, creativity and a lot of patience!

These days, I create videos for business owners, like you, who want to include more video in their social media or marketing activity.

To get a better idea about the type of video I could create for you, take a look at some of my recent videos here.

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