using stopmotion video for social media engagement

How to stand out on social media using stop-motion video

Everybody is talking about video these days, it seems.  Whether it is using Facebook or Instagram Live video to connect to your audience in a more authentic way, or creating brand or product videos to showcase your offer, you can’t really get away from it.

If you are not a big fan of putting yourself in front of the camera, or would rather just let your products do the talking for you, stop-motion lets you inject personality and fun into your video, which can create a stronger connection to your audience.  Best of all, they don’t cost the earth to produce!

Here are three ways that you can use simple stop-motion videos to connect to your audience and create a memorable brand:

Use stop-motion video to stand out from the crowd

Everybody wants to put the best version of themselves or their brand forward on social media.  But sometimes it can seem hard to stand out from the crowd of beautiful flatlays and quirky food photos.

Think about what makes you stop scrolling past when you’re looking through your social media feeds.  Moving pictures will always grab attention more than the prettiest photo.

A few tips to make your stop-motion video standout:

  1. Keep it short (max 20 seconds, but try to get your message across as quickly as possible)
  2. Keep it simple (if the viewer has to think too hard about it they will scroll on past)
  3. Keep it on brand (use your brand colours to keep your videos consistent with other content)

Use brand collaborations to get more eyes on your content

sharing content with other brands
sharing content with other brands

As hard as we try, it can be difficult to build a strong following on social media when most of the people who see your posts are followers already.

Building followers through finding the right hashtags or engaging with the right people is important, but another good way to get your brand in front of more people is to find a reason for other brands to share your content too.

Brand collaboration stop-motion videos are a fantastic way to show off your products in a ‘real’ setting – amongst other complementary products.

Tips for getting a brand collaboration right:

  1. Find brands that complement rather than compete (you want to boost both your and your collaborators’ customers)
  2. Set the scene (think carefully about the setting – rather than just using a plain white background, a home or garden backdrop could really help to add context to your products)
  3. Look for opportunities to share (tell a story with your products that other people will want to tell too)

Use stop-motion video in your social media advertising

using video for social media adverts
using video for social media adverts

Whilst a picture might tell a thousand words, a video can do even more to build a story around a brand or product.

Putting video in an advert can help you to stand out from other sponsored posts, and also helps to get you past the annoying ‘limited text on images’ rules.

So what are you waiting for?

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